On Wednesdays We Write

On Wednesday We Write – Prompt #31

Prompt #31:

Brainstorm the specifications of the app you wish someone would create to organize your life perfectly. Everything you need would be in one place: schedule, reminders, to-do list, contacts, information-organizers, essential documents, work and entertainment links, news feeds, etc. Think of everything you can across all areas of your life. In this one app, you can include anything that you need to access easily to make your life run as smoothly as possible. List what filters and notifications you need to make life as seamless as possible in the specifications for each item.

Prompt #31 Challenge:

Write an app store description of “App My Life,” your digital product that coordinates all areas of life from one tiny square on your phone screen, tablet, or computer.

Give an overview of the features and benefits.

Explain how you coordinate all that information—does it look like a desktop? A filing cabinet? A giant calendar? A multipurpose room? A house? An office? Something else?

Create a slogan or catchphrase that motivates prospective users to purchase the app.

What’s the cost of a year’s subscription?

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