On Wednesdays We Write

On Wednesday We Write – Prompt #30

Prompt #30:

Make a list of 15-20 events in your life that have shaped who you are. Think of the stories you could tell about each event. For each major life-shaping experience you identify, write a one-sentence summary of what happened and how it contributed to who you are today.

Prompt #30 Challenge:

Write the story of your defining moments in a poem featuring these events. Use the sentences you wrote in the main prompt as a starting point. You are welcome to arrange the events chronologically or in order of impact. You may notice a different organizational structure altogether. Go for it. It’s your story.

Your poem may be free verse, or you might decide to challenge yourself by adopting a metrical pattern and rhyme scheme. Whether you decide to embrace freedom from form or choose a distinct structure, the end product should reflect your journey to who you are today.

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