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On Wednesdays We Write – Prompt #32

Prompt #32:

Make a list of ten things. You can choose ANY common connection for your list—places you would like to travel, chores you need to do on your next day off, theme parties you would like to host or attend, series you want to binge-watch, cars you hope to own, jobs you want to investigate, books you vow never to read/read again, groceries you need to pick up on the way home, etc.

You get bonus points if you come up with your own list not listed in the list of lists above.

Prompt #32 Challenge:

First, put your list in order. You may choose any order you wish—best to worst, most to least, favorite to least favorite, etc. What order you choose is entirely up to you.

Then identify the item at the top of the list and the item at the bottom of the list and explain why those two particular items earned those two particular spots. Don’t forget to explain your ranking strategy as you discuss your reasoning.

Each item should be the feature of its own paragraph. Each paragraph should be precisely 94 words.

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