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On Wednesdays We Write – Prompt #18

Prompt #18:

You’ve got 90 days to make it happen. What new thing do you want to see come into your life in the next three months? Is it a skill? Knowledge? Possession? Relationship? Experience?

Make a list of all the new things you’d like to explore in the next quarter. How many can you identify?

Choose one of the items on your list and explore in writing what it is, how you imagine it will impact your life, and what your action steps will be for making it happen.

Again, you have only 90 days, so get going with the groundwork, and make your life sparkle.

Prompt #18 Challenge:

Write a poetic tribute to the new thing you will pursue in the coming months. It can be as lofty as an ode, as basic as a limerick, or as unfettered as free verse.

Not sure what’s going on with these “On Wednesdays We Write” prompts? Click here to find out.

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