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On Wednesdays We Write – Prompt #17

Prompt #17:

What in your sphere is old? Think about the people, places, possessions, events, experiences, emotions, and attitudes that characterize your slice of the pie we call life.

Which of these has been around for a while? Are they still here because they are classics? Are they around because you don’t like change? Anything outdated? Unneeded? Unwanted? What does old look like in your life?

Identify something from each category above, and write a short paragraph about the history of each in your world.

Prompt #17 Challenge:

Title a document with the name of one of the elements you selected for the main prompt.

Divide your writing space into two columns.

In the left column, write why you should keep this old thing. In the right column, make a case for letting it go.

Prompt #17 Super Challenge:

Choose one of the following titles: “Growth: A Case for Moving On” or “Growth: A Case for Holding On.”

Write a fully developed work on one old thing in your life that reflects the title you have chosen. In this piece, explain the history, the case for moving on or holding on, and how you anticipate personal growth will manifest as a result.

Not sure what’s going on with these “On Wednesdays We Write” prompts? Click here to find out.

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