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Coming Soon! On Wednesdays We Write

Starting this week, we’re writing together every Wednesday.

Now that we’re solidly past the season of New Year’s resolutions and goal-setting let’s do something fun. Something good for the soul and heart and intellect. Let’s write!

We’re not writing with immediate, focused goals in mind. Instead, we’re writing to discover and to become better writers.

Each Wednesday, I will post a writing prompt and a challenge based on that prompt. Think of the prompt as a springboard. You might want to jump, fly through the air, and land. That’s it. You’re done. But if you want more writing, more jumping and flying and landing in a different place, then move to the challenge for an additional writing opportunity.

Do whatever you’re up for. It’s completely up to you.

If you are a writer, look at “On Wednesdays We Write” as a respite from your current project. With great mindfulness, focus on the actual writing and not what you will do with it. Let the exercise be an end in itself. Delight in the ideas and images and words. It’s your chance to do what you love without pressure. I hope that these little exercises will take you back to your goal-oriented, deadline-focused writing with peace and refreshment, as well as energy and strength.

If you are a teacher, feel free to use these posts as bellringers, supplemental activities, journal entries, prewriting exercises, or even writing assignments. I challenge you to give students the chance to write for fun. Treat it as play, not work. At your discretion (you know your students better than anyone else), choose students to share their writing aloud, whether in person or remotely. Or publish their submissions in a collaborative document or even in a digital literary magazine. Want to up the ante for successful completion? You write the prompt too, and if 100% of students participate, then share your writing.

If you are a student, you can write without a teacher assigning these! Whether you’re super-eager to learn or just super-bored, these prompts will give you a chance to explore your world and your ideas. You’ll practice organizing details and creating an engaging reading experience for your audience. Post your responses to these exercises on your blog and link back to these prompts so your writing community can join you. Ask a friend or two to write the prompts with you and share your writings each week.

I’m excited for all the writing fun that lies ahead, and do you know what would make me over-the-top thrilled? Post your response to the writing exercises in the comments. I would LOVE to read what you write.

Are you ready to get started? I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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