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On Wednesdays We Write – Prompt #12

Prompt #12:

Listen. What do you hear? Describe that sound.

Listen again. What else do you hear? Describe that sound too.

Listen one more time. What new things do you hear that you didn’t notice the first two times you started paying attention to the sounds around you? Describe those things.

You should have a paragraph for each of the sounds you discovered in each round of listening. Some sounds you heard because they were loudest. Others may have come to you when you listened to your surroundings at a deeper level.

The sounds may be constant, or they may be–quickly or slowly–passing through your environment.

Look back at your descriptions. Pull the sounds together into one paragraph, situating them in your surroundings.

Prompt #12 Challenge:

Take the next step and write what comes out of the auditory setting you have described. Is it a mental landscape? Is it physical? What activity is happening? Set up the scene for what will happen next.

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