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On Wednesdays We Write – Prompt #7

Prompt #7:

Let’s talk diction. Words have a couple of different types of meaning. First, there’s the dictionary definition of the word, its literal meaning. We call that denotation. Second, there are the emotional and psychological associations we have with words. We call those associations the word’s connotation.

In the complexity of the English language, some words have multiple denotations and connotations. Take the verb fly, for example.

In the collage above, each photo represents a different meaning of the word fly. Depending on your interpretation of the image, each also has the potential to have a different connotation, a different psychological or emotional response.

For each photo in the collage, write a paragraph explaining both the connotation and the denotation of the verb fly as you experience it when you look at the image.

Prompt #7 – Challenge:

Share the story of your most recent flying experience. It could embody a definition of flying similar to one of the prompt photos, or it might be another type of flying altogether. Narrate events and explain the feelings. Make connections.

Let’s talk connotation and denotation in the comments.

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