Life, What's New?

And switching back…

Don’t you hate it when a blogger starts one type of blog and then switches to another? And then after a long absence from posting anything at all, she switches back to the original idea? Oops.

In the case of Always Learning HQ, the site originated as my blog for coaching students on college admissions essays and sharing curriculum resources with other English literature and writing teachers.

Then my mom passed away, and I had many things to work through. I made a couple of posts here that were more personal. Now, however, as time has passed and direction is clearer, I’m moving back in the original content for Always Learning HQ.

The personal posts will migrate to a new blog that I am using to document our journey into empty nesting and exploring the next stage of life as our youngest goes to college this fall. I’m hoping that in a few weeks WeekFam HQ will be up and running with our adventures.

Our key word for this next stage: simplicity. I can’t wait!