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On Wednesdays We Write – Prompt #20

Prompt #20:

Wallpaper. It’s the background to everything that happens in a room. Sometimes it is so muted that no one notices. Other times, it’s so loud that it drowns out everything else.

Good designers coordinate everything that goes into the room with the wallpaper. Harmony abounds. Bad designers ignore it altogether so that sometimes the wallpaper and the objects in the room clash, creating the visual equivalent of cacophony.

Think about your life. What is the wallpaper? What do you have going on in the background? Take a few moments to write a visual description of how the wallpaper looks in the entryway of your life right now. This space represents the part of you that people see when they first meet you. What are the colors? Patterns? Images?

Add details about the objects you’ve collected, the things you give time and space. To what extent do they harmonize or clash with the things you do?

For this part of the prompt, stick to sensory descriptions––sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures.

Prompt #20 – Challenge

Let’s go deeper. Explain the meaning behind the wallpaper and the objects that adorn your life’s entryway.

Why those colors, textures, designs, and objects? What is their significance? Is there obvious meaning in these things, or is their nature hidden? Why?

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