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On Wednesdays We Write – Summer Break!

“On Wednesdays We Write” will be on hiatus for the summer. Whew! It’s been a year.

The plan for this series is to write a total of 40 prompt and challenge prompt sets that teachers, students, and writers can use to generate creative ideas and stand-alone works.

Ultimately, these prompts will become a year-long writing unit for teachers to integrate as it fits their curriculum. We will publish this content as a booklet, complete with rubrics for each primary prompt, challenge, and super challenge. In addition, we will make available downloadable slide presentations for ease of using these prompts in the classroom, uploading them to an LMS, or incorporating them into remote instruction.

While we finish writing the next 21 prompts, the content on Always Learning HQ will shift to focus on personal statements and admissions essays. It’s that time of year again, and word on the street is that with a record number of colleges and universities choosing to be SAT/ACT-optional, essays will be even more important.

We also hope to drop some teaching resources that address style and mechanics and maybe even some helpful exercises for emerging literary analysis writers.

We’ll be back on September 1 with new prompts for “On Wednesdays We Write.” Have a restful summer!

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