Graduate & Professional School Essay Coaching

Why Hire A Writing Coach?

You’ve put in the work to earn the grades and make the scores that will carry you to the next stage of your education. Depending on the program you hope to join, you’ve likely shadowed professionals, completed internships, accrued volunteer hours, participated in organizations, and worked jobs all focused on equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert in your chosen field.

As you approach the admissions process, you realize that you have prepared for every facet of the application except one—the essays. Personal statements, program-specific essays, and school-specific essays stand ready to propel you to your dream program or overshadow your chances with uncertainty.

For this reason, you need a writing coach.  Having an objective reader help select the best essay topic, brainstorm narratives, identify analytical elements, and put everything together in the required word count gives applicants the support they need to write a superior essay.

How It Works

I hate to begin with a caveat, but let’s first clear the air that writing coaches are NOT there to write the essays for the student. That is not ethical, nor is it helpful since most graduate and professional programs use the essays to get to know prospective students either in lieu of an interview or in preparation for an interview. The college essay has to be student-written, and it has to be an authentic representation of who that student is.

Where I come in as a coach is in helping students think through the prompts, identify their strongest approach, select narrative and analytical elements, organize ideas, edit for word count, and polish style and mechanics.

I will offer virtual and in-person coaching for the 2022 season, which begins on April 1, 2022. Virtual coaching sessions will be conducted online using shared Google documents and video conferencing via FaceTime, Google Meet, or Zoom.

The Cost: Graduate & Professional School Essays

For start-to-finish coaching—from analyzing the prompt to selecting an idea to planning to structuring to drafting to final review—the cost is $0.12 per word, calculated based on the word count of the first draft.

For feedback-only—which includes two rounds of content, structure, syntax, style, diction, and mechanics coaching—the cost is $0.07 per word, calculated based on the word count of the first draft.

Payment may be made via Venmo or personal check.

How to Contact Me:

If you are interested in essay coaching, please email Norma Weekman at