College Essay Coaching

Why Hire a Writing Coach? 

Writing a college application essay can be intimidating. Students often land in one of two zones: Zone “There’s Nothing At All Interesting About Me I’m Done” or Zone “OHMYWORD Let Me Tell You Everything I Was Born In The Year…”

The truth is that everyone is unique, but no college application reader is out to learn the life story of every prospective student. So how does a student find the perfect balance on the all-or-nothing spectrum to craft a compelling essay that intrigues the reader? It takes a bit of work.

For the college essay, the essential task is to pinpoint the perfect narrative that shows the student’s passion in life while also revealing a high level of self-awareness to the casual college admissions reader.

Students don’t have to prove they are the most wonderful of applicants; they just have to prove their unique “wonderfulness” is a good fit for the colleges to which they apply. For most students, accomplishing this goal is the most intense writing experience of their high school career.

That’s where a college essay coach comes in. Having an objective reader help select the best essay topic, brainstorm narratives, identify analytical elements, and put everything together in the required word count gives students the support they need to write a superior essay.

I am here to help students write their best essays.

How It Works

I hate to begin with a caveat, but let’s first clear the air that college essay writing coaches are NOT there to write the essay for the student. That is not ethical, nor is it helpful since most colleges and universities use personal statements to get to know prospective students either in place of an interview or in preparation for an interview. The college essay has to be student-written, and it has to be an authentic representation of who that student is.

Where I come in as a coach is in helping students think through the prompts, identify their strongest approach, select narrative and analytical elements, organize ideas, edit for word count, and polish style and mechanics.

For the 2021-2022 college application season, I will offer both in-person and virtual group workshops that will help students down the right essay path from the beginning, with the option to add individual coaching sessions for follow-up. Individualized coaching will be conducted either in-person or online using shared Google documents and video conferencing via FaceTime, Google Meet, or Zoom.

Services & Cost: Undergraduate Essay Coaching

Essay workshops occur in both in-person and virtual formats. I teach two types of essay workshops: The Overview and The Draft Workshop.

The Overview is a one-hour introduction to college essay writing that explains the different types of college essays and highlights suggested resources for brainstorming and structuring the essays, as well as tips for overall writing success. The Overview Workshop is free.

Overview workshops are in-person only and available locally in the central North Carolina area. If you are interested in hosting or attending an overview workshop, please email

The Draft Workshop is a four-hour deep dive into college essay writing. You will brainstorm, structure, and begin drafting a personal statement that will be suitable to use as your Common App or Coalition essay. By the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to walk out with a completed first draft of your personal statement. In addition, you will learn how to analyze, research, and draft school-specific essay prompts. The Draft Workshop fee is $80. One-on-one feedback following the completion of the draft workshop requires individual coaching.

If you are interested in attending an in-person draft workshop in the central North Carolina area or joining an online draft workshop, please email for more information.

Individual coaching includes two rounds of content, structure, syntax, style, diction, and mechanics, with a final third round of proofing. The fees are as follows:

  • $80 for the 650-word main personal statement essay
  • $30 for 250-word supplemental or scholarship essays
  • $60 for 500-word supplemental or scholarship essays
  • $0.15/word for short answer responses (usually 25 to 50 words each)

If you are interested in college essay coaching, please email Norma Weekman at

Students wishing to schedule individual coaching should contact me as soon as possible to reserve their preferred schedule for feedback.

Discounts: A $20 referral credit is available to students who refer friends for a draft workshop or individual coaching.

Payment methods: Payments for draft workshops and individual coaching may be made via PayPal, Venmo, or personal check.

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