College Essay Coaching

Why Hire a Writing Coach? 

Writing a college application essay can be intimidating. Students often land in one of two zones: Zone “There’s Nothing At All Interesting About Me I’m Done” or Zone “OHMYWORD Let Me Tell You Everything I Was Born In The Year…”

The truth is that everyone is special, but no college application reader is out to learn the life story of every prospective student. So how does a student find the perfect balance on the all-or-nothing spectrum to craft a compelling essay that intrigues the reader? It takes a bit of work.

For the college essay, the essential task is to pinpoint the perfect narrative that shows the student’s passion in life, while also revealing a high level of self-awareness to the casual college admissions reader.

Students don’t have to prove they are the most wonderful of applicants; they just have to prove their unique “wonderfulness” is a good fit for the colleges to which they apply. For most students, accomplishing this goal is the most intense writing experience of their high school career.

That’s where a college essay coach comes in. Having an objective reader help select the best essay topic, brainstorm narratives, identify analytical elements, and put everything together in the required word count gives students the support they need to write a superior essay.

I am here to help students write their best essays.

How It Works

I hate to begin with a caveat, but let’s first clear the air that college essay writing coaches are NOT there to write the essay for the student. That is not ethical, nor is it helpful since most colleges and universities use the essay to get to know prospective students either in lieu of an interview or in preparation for an interview. The college essay has to be student-written, and it has to be an authentic representation of who that student is.

Where I come in as a coach is in helping students think through the prompts, identify their strongest approach, select narrative and analytical elements, organize ideas, edit for word count, and polish style and mechanics.

For the 2020-2021 college application season, I will offer virtual coaching only. Unfortunately, the ever-changing nature of the pandemic makes in-person coaching unfeasible this year. Coaching sessions will be conducted online using shared Google documents and video conferencing via FaceTime, Google Meet, or Zoom.

The Cost: Undergraduate Essays

For start-to-finish coaching—from selecting an idea to planning to structuring to drafting to final review—the cost is $150 for a typical personal statement essay (such as the 650-word Common App essay). Full-service fee for supplemental essays or scholarship essays is $60 per 250-word essay and $120 per 500-word essay.

For feedback-only—which includes two rounds of content, structure, syntax, style, diction, and mechanics—the cost is $80 for the 650-word main personal statement essay, $30 for 250-word supplemental or scholarship essays, and $60 for 500-word supplemental or scholarship essays.

For final review-only, the cost is $50 for the 650-word main personal statement essay, $20 for 250–word supplemental or scholarship essays, and $40 for 500-word supplemental or scholarship essays. Final review covers copy editing only, with full feedback on mechanics and limited feedback on style. Structural and content feedback would necessitate a draft-feedback level of coaching.

Payment may be made via Venmo or personal check.

How to Contact Me:

If you are interested in college essay coaching, please email me at